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For many people, reaching out to total strangers for the first time and attempting to sell them on your product or services can be an intimidating process. But if it’s done with the right approach and attitude, cold-calling can be an effective way to land new sales and clients for your business. It takes specialized skills to succeed at cold calling.

Telemarketers must possess impeccable people skills, be able to juggle a high volume of calls each day. At Proscale Marketing, you’ll find specialized marketing pro’s that can help you generate leads, land sales for your products and services, and build valuable contacts to help your business grow. Working with an expert can also help you refine your sales funnel to increase your volume. These professional marketers are capable of gauging a prospect’s interest level based on their responses, and they can also be invaluable when working with existing clients as well.

Since cold calling in Malta has a negative connotation, we do thread carefully on how we approach the call and try to be as sensible as possible. Carefully thought out words can radically change a call from a prospecting customer to a negative response.

Every call is as important as any other and we do not push any service if the prospect shows any sign of irritation. The goal is to acquire attention in a respectful way and not obligating anyone in doing anything. In fact, it is a constant reminder in our scripts that no service is obliged to be bought and double check is always made before the call ends. This reassures prospects and clarifies any unwanted misunderstandings.

For any company that is finding it difficult to cold call prospects or prefers not to. Needs growth over their competition or needs help with their sales team.

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